Call of Cthulhu

Uncover the chilling mysteries of this RPG-investigation game, descending deep into a world of cosmic horrors, creeping madness, and shrouded Old Gods within Lovecraft’s iconic universe.

Release Date: 30 OCTOBER 2018 NINTENDO SWITCH RELEASE DATE: 8 OCTOBER 2019 Classification: MA15+ Platforms: Genres: ,



1924. Private Investigator Edward Pierce is sent to investigate the tragic death of the Hawkins family in their imposing mansion on the isolated Darkwater Island, off the shores of Boston. Between unfriendly locals and dubious police reports, it becomes clear there’s more to the case than meets the eye. Soon enough, Pierce is plunged into a terrifying world of conspiracies, cultists, and cosmic horrors.

Hidden passageways, nightmarish asylums, illegal bars, and seemingly-abandoned warehouses make up Darkwater’s scattered geography. Originally supported by a now long-dead whaling industry, the island is home to only desperate old sailors and decaying families of old money with nowhere else to go. They do not like outsiders.

Faced with terrors beyond human comprehension, you must delve deep into the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the Darkwater Island community. Speak with the island’s inhabitants, overcome deadly horrors and discover cryptic clues, in a desperate attempt to expose the terrible truth at the heart of the Hawkins case.


Investigation comes in many forms. Will you talk to characters to learn their secrets, or look around on your own? A friendly ally may provide a much-needed distraction or reveal a path to progress but picking a lock or stealing a key is equally viable. Despite his experience in the Great War, Pierce is not a fighter, and you will need to find solutions to your problems that don’t involve a fist fight or gunning down the inhabitants.


How long can Pierce’s mind withstand these horrors? Already in a fragile mental state thanks to the ever-present stress the Great War put on his mind all those years ago, his alcoholism will do him no favors on Darkwater. Sanity plays a huge part in how Pierce experiences the world, and how his tale will end – it is up to you to protect him from these dangers, but some truths only reveal themselves to a mind that lets them in.


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