Cocomelon: Play with JJ

Come over for a fun CoComelon playdate with JJ and play inside your favorite show.

Release Date: 28 OCTOBER 2022 Classification: G Platforms: Genre:

Pick up and play with interactive objects, and sing along to CoComelon favorite songs like Yes Yes Vegetables and Wheels on the Bus. You can even build a CoComelon sticker collection along the way! With simple, interactive minigames, little ones will have hours of fun with JJ and his friends and family!

Key Features:

  • PLAY MUSICAL MINIGAMES – Play and sing along with favorite songs including Yes Yes Vegetables, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and many more!
  • EXPLORE INTERACTIVE OBJECTS – Pick up and play with objects in JJ’s house, garden and treehouse.
  • ENJOY SIMPLE CONTROLS – Use touchscreen controls suitable for little hands, or button controls.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL – Build your CoComelon sticker collection as you explore and play.


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