Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home throws players into a dark and twisted labyrinth where a miasma of fear fills the air, dread bleeds through cracks in the ceiling and seeps down through broken floorboards, and anxiety grows stronger with every step.

Release Date: 31 MAY 2019 Classification: MA15+ Platforms: Genre:

After a long night filled with mourning and sorrow over the recent disappearance of his wife, Tim awakens to find himself alone in a strange, dilapidated building instead of the comfort of his own home. Confused, he must avoid deadly spirits, solve perplexing puzzles, and unveil sinister secrets while desperately searching for his wife and a way out.

Key Features

Gripping Thai Horror
A dark narrative steeped in Thai lore keeps palms sweating and pulses pounding

Sharpen Wits, Not Blades
Without weapons to defend against the evil spirits, survival relies on the use of stealth, wit, and vigilance

Search and Discover
Inspect every corner of the labyrinth and piece together the mysteries, hardships, and tragedies of the condemned

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