Shadow Warrior 3 – Definitive Edition

Experience the Definitive Edition of Shadow Warrior 3, an ultraviolent blend of fast-paced gunplay, razor-sharp melee combat, and a spectacular free-running movement through a mythical Japanese realm.

Release Date: 19 MAY 2023 Classification: R18+ Platforms: Genre:

Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former nemesis Orochi Zilla return in Shadow Warrior 3, the latest entry in the gore-soaked, wisecracking FPS series. Embark on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon Lo Wang unwittingly unleashed from its eternal prison, tearing your way through a fractured land infested with demons using a dynamic arsenal of blades and bullets.

Key Features:

  • Bring a Katana to a Gunfight:  Conduct a symphony of death with each encounter by mixing overwhelming firepower with devastatingly precise katana strikes as you dash in and around the demonic hordes.
  • Fancy Footwork:  Flow between nimble movement techniques including air dashes, wall running, double jumps, and the fancy new grappling hook busts your combat and movement options wide open in every battle.
  • Execute Then Annihilate:  Execute spectacular finishing moves to claim a piece of your conquered foe and unleash its powers back on the horde in a burst of unstoppable fury and powerful magic.
  • Dynamic Combat Arenas: Each environment is lined with hazardous structures and devices that can be activated to add another layer of creative choice to the offensive strategy.
  • Neo Feudal Japan: Trek across a mythic Asian land infused with the magic and technology of ancient samurai, now overrun by the demonic yokai from Japanese folklore.
  • Funny Business: Brace for expertly delivered one-liners from Lo Wang, pointed banter with Zilla, and an intense thrillride of absurd predicaments on the way to turning doomsday into a new day.
  • Plus, all the updates and patches with several new features and modes included in-disc:
    • Step up your Lo-Wang game! Survival Mode is a completely new mode that allows playing on 3 new arenas providing hours of new gameplay! On top of that, 3 new weapon skins will be up for grabs for those who manage to complete the challenge! Survival Mode becomes available after finishing the game!
    • Relive magical moments! Chapter Selection lets you replay all the missions that defined your adventure with Lo-Wang!
    • Give Lo-Wang’s mojo some additional pazzazz! New Game Plus gives you additional challenges, rewards, and skins to give Lo-Wang that much needed confidence boost!
    • GO VULGAR OR GO HOME!  The new Hardcore Difficulty lets you experience the most intensely punishing version of Shadow Warrior yet! Not for the faint-hearted.
    • LOSE A LIFE, LOSE A SAVE: Put your skills to the test in the brand-new Hero Mode, a challenging modifier allowing you to play with a limited number of lives and earn more of them by performing spectacular Finishers. Run out, and your progress is lost forever.


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