Farming Simulator Kids (CIB)

Farming Simulator Kids introduces the growing generation to the colourful and fun world of farming and blooming nature – educating and entertaining them in a child-friendly and sheltered environment. Suited for all ages and easy to play.

Release Date: 5 APRIL 2024 Classification: G Platforms: Genres: , ,

The boxed version of Farming Simulator Kids comes with a 12-page coloring book, allowing young agriculturists to paint tractors, horses, geese, and some neighbours they will meet and interact with in the game.

Farming Fun For The Little Ones

With cute aesthetics, Farming Simulator Kids invites young players to live a cozy farm life. Children explore farm locations to grow and harvest healthy crops, or care for adorable farm animals like cows, chickens, or geese. As big tractors and other vehicles are a must, kids can operate a variety of machines by renowned manufacturer John Deere.

Learning the Value of Produce

Rich with mini-games from gardening to sandwich making, there is much more to do: Little farmers visit their own farmers’ market to get a feeling for the value of the fresh produce, trade items at a swap shop, create delicious food items, and meet lovable characters to interact with.

Key Features:

  • Child-Friendly Graphics, Music & Sound Effects.
  • Character Creator with Lots of Styles & Possibilities.
  • 5 Locations to Explore: Farm, Market & More.
  • 10+ Crops to Plant & Harvest, 75+ Food Items, 100+ Objects & Other Items.
  • 10+ Vehicles & Tools by John Deere, the world’s largest agricultural brand.
  • 20+ Domestic & Wild Animals to befriend and care for.
  • 20+ Loveable Characters and Animals to Meet.
  • Activities like Field Work, Driving Vehicles, Gardening & Making Sandwiches.
  • Achievement System.

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