Hollow Knight

Venture down into a beautiful, ruined world of insects and heroes.

Release Date: 19 JULY 2019 Classification: PG Platforms: Genres: ,

Venture down into a beautiful, ruined world of insects and heroes.  Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps an ancient, forgotten kingdom. Many are drawn beneath the surface searching for riches, or glory, or answers to old secrets. Hollow Knight is an epic 2D action-adventure. You’ll explore twisting caverns, battle tainted creatures and escape intricate traps, all to solve an ancient long-hidden mystery.

Key Features

    • Classic side-scrolling action, with all the modern trimmings.
    • Tightly tuned 2D controls. Dodge, dash and slash your way through even the most deadly adversaries.
    • Explore a vast interconnected world of forgotten highways, overgrown wilds and ruined cities.
    • Forge your own path! The world of Hallownest is expansive and open. Choose which paths you take, which enemies you face and find your own way forward.
    • Evolve with powerful new skills and abilities! Gain spells, strength and speed. Leap to new heights on ethereal wings.
    • Dash forward in a blazing flash. Blast foes with fiery Soul!


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