PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance

This is a brand-new PJ Masks video game, based on the hit pre-school animated series PJ Masks: Mighty Alliance. Team up with the Power Heroes and rebuild PJ Power HQ. Hop into the Explorider, find the lost parts, and save the day!


Release Date: 15 MARCH 2024 Classification: G Platform: Genres: , ,

Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko are teaming up with An Yu, Newton Star, Ice Cub, Lilyfay, and Bastet to form a Mighty Alliance. After a big accident at PJ Power Q scatters valuable pieces of technology and gems across Earth, these extraordinary heroes must rebuild it. Hop into the Explorider and begin the night-time adventure scouring the deserted streets in The City. You will discover more while exploring the bamboo forests, secret caves, and the sacred temple in Mystery Mountain. Then slide through the Ice World to reach the snowy caves searching for the lost parts. But be quick! Before they get into the wrong hands. Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja are never too far away and are always ready to cause havoc. Together, these extraordinary kids are bigger and better. Use their unique abilities, from super speed to snowballs, to stop the baddies. Collect gems, discover secrets, unlock hidden masks, and more.You know, night-time is the right time to fight crime! So, leap into this side-scrolling platform adventure, stop the pesky villains in their tracks, and fix the PJ Power Q. You have the power to become a hero.

Key Features:

  • TEAM UP – Join Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, An Yu, Newton Star, Ice Cub, Lilyfay, and Bastet.
  • DRIVE AND DISCOVER – Land, sky or sea, the Explorider will get your Power Heroes there.
  • BE EXTRAORDINARY – Use unique abilities, collect gems, discover secrets, unlock hidden masks, and more.
  • FUN FOR EVERY HERO – Accessible features: simple controls and easy interactions.


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