Enotria: The Last Song

“Enotria: The Last Song” is a thrilling Soulslike set in a sun-lit land inspired by Italian folklore and filled with danger.

Release Date: 19 SEPTEMBER 2024 Classification: CTC Platforms: Genre:

The PS5 Deluxe Edition contains the full game and bonus downloadable content, including an additional weapon skin set, upgrades and consumables, plus a digital artbook and digital soundtrack.

The world has been gripped by the Canovaccio – a twisted eternal play that keeps everything in an unnatural stasis. You, Maskless One, are the only one without a given role and master of your destiny. Defeat the fearsome Authors that created it and free the world from stagnation, by harnessing the power of Ardore.

Key Features:

  • Wield Ardore to alter the world around you.
  • Stay on the offensive with quicksteps and chainable parries.
  • Strike foes to charge powerful magical Lines.
  • Strategically swap between up to three Loadouts at any time.
  • Break an enemies posture for a devastating attack, granting you a mighty Awakened buff.
  • Reveal the secrets of Enotria to gain Inspiration & unlock new perks in the Path of Innovators.


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